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The Importance of Taking Attendance for your Studio or Gym

by Kristin Weingarden


March 17, 2023 | 2 minutes, 8 seconds read

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Taking attendance is an essential aspect of successfully managing any organization or educational institution. While it may seem like a mundane task, there are several critical benefits that impact the success of any youth sports business.   

Customer Experience  

Taking attendance helps build relationships between a coach and athlete. When a coach takes attendance, they acknowledge each individual's presence and create a sense of community. Not to mention, they're learning all of the students' names.   

Attendance is crucial in a youth sports setting, where building relationships between athletes and coaches can contribute to a positive learning environment and improved sports outcomes.   

Retain Participants  

Retaining customers is always a priority; tracking attendance can help keep your customers engaged. By using SportsEngine Motion's mobile attendance, you can quickly look at attendance percentage. If you see a drop in an athlete's attendance rates, you can quickly connect with the family to ensure everything is okay and that they are still interested in engaging with your programs. You may need to help them find a class that suits their family schedule, interests, or skill level.  

Remember to track your 100% athletes. A small prize or even newsletter shoutout for your perfect attendance athletes is an easy way to reward your most dedicated families.

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Using attendance is a quick way to build credibility that participation matters at your organization. By promoting participation through attendance taking (and make-ups), each athlete will continue to grow in their youth sports journey.   

This is a simple way to show your paying families that your organization is invested in their children's development. That investment will give you additional credibility to keep them coming back session after session.  

Safety and Security  

Another critical reason for taking attendance is for the safety and security of your members. In an emergency, knowing who is present and who is not is essential. For example, in the event of a fire drill, it's important to be able to quickly account for all athletes present to ensure that everyone has safely evacuated the building.

Taking attendance may seem like a small task, but it plays a crucial role in maintaining accountability, structure, and progress within your facility. It helps to identify behavior patterns and ensure everyone knows their responsibilities. Attendance records can also be used for documentation and evaluation, making them essential for success in any organization. 

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