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The Benefits of a Blog

by Kristin Weingarden


August 24, 2022 | 2 minutes, 30 seconds read

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There are many long-term benefits to starting a blog for your business, including using your content for social media posts and sharing updates with your customers. Whatever your goal may be, here are SportsEngine Motion’s top five reasons why starting a blog will be beneficial:

1. Generate and nurture leads

Having a blog on your website with easy-to-find information about what you offer will assist new customers in finding everything they need. By simply writing one paragraph in your blog about a current class you offer, or an upcoming event at your facility, new customers will have plenty of places to read about the great experiences you can offer their child.

2. Build relationships with current customers 

Your current customers are always hungry for new information. Starting a blog will assure them that their needs are at the top of your mind. Like new customers, your current ones are interested in knowing everything from your schedule of programs to your business plans for an expansion. Providing information in a blog for current customers will help you develop long-term relationships.

3. Develop your brand’s voice 

Branding for your business is very important; your brand is everything from your color scheme to your targeted customer base. Your brand's voice can be a way to shout about the different programs and events you offer from the rooftops. A blog is the megaphone you need to project the voice for everyone to hear.

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4. Direct traffic to your Site

Posting a monthly or bi-monthly blog on your website will drive more traffic. In not-so-technical terms, the search engines higher powers will recognize the information on your website, thus improving your ranking in Google or Bing’s algorithms. This means that if your blog covers a topic a user searched for, the search engines will pull your blog into their search results which the user can then click into, taking them to your website and bringing you new traffic.

5. Market product and services  

You shouldn’t rely solely on email marketing to promote your teams, camps, and classes. Getting lost in all the emails your prospective customers get daily is easy. You need to leverage multiple marketing channels to get your story across, and the easiest marketing channel to start with is showcasing at least one of the services you offer per blog.

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How to start blogging for your business 

You’ve seen the benefits your business blog can get you — more traffic, leads, authority, and a better relationship with your audience. Now you’re undoubtedly itching to get started, but don’t worry. You don't need an English degree to get going. Using SportsEngine Motion’s News feature will help you get started in no time! This tool can post a blog to your website or mobile app and can email it as a newsletter with just a few clicks.

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