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Generate More Revenue by Opening a Pro Shop for Your Business

by Kristin Weingarden


August 28, 2023 | 2 minutes, 36 seconds read

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Running a youth sports organization involves more than just coaching. It requires managing the entire business, from billing and finances to classes and scheduling. But one often overlooked opportunity to generate additional revenue is through a well-managed pro shop. A pro shop not only serves as a hub for sports equipment and merchandise to help build your brand but can also become a significant source of income.  

This blog post will explore some effective strategies to maximize revenue and make your pro shop a thriving part of your youth sports business. 

Offer a variety of products 

To attract customers and boost sales, ensure your pro shop stocks a wide range of products, including equipment, apparel, accessories, and even branded merchandise featuring your organization's logo. Cater to different age groups, skill levels, and price points to meet the diverse needs of your athletes and their families. 

Create an inviting shopping environment 

Make your pro shop an inviting space that encourages customers to browse and buy. Organize products neatly, create attractive displays, and utilize well-lit areas. Ensure the pro shop is in your lobby/seating area where parents and visitors can browse while waiting for their athlete.  

Promote team spirit 

Tap into the sense of belonging and team spirit by offering customized merchandise for your organization. By providing items that allow athletes to showcase their team pride, you boost sales and strengthen your brand and the sense of community within your organization. 

Host exclusive sales 

Organize periodic sales events or promotions that are exclusive to your pro shop. Offer discounts, bundle deals, or loyalty programs to entice customers to purchase. These events will generate revenue and attract more visitors to your pro shop and potentially more customers to your business. 

Leverage social media 

Harness the power of social media to promote your pro shop and reach a larger audience. Create engaging content showcasing your products, highlight customer testimonials, and special promotions to increase your shop's visibility. Using the Social Feed saves time while promoting your pro shop on multiple platforms at once.  

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Use technology to track sales 

Most importantly, use technology to help you manage your new store. Staying organized is crucial to making your pro shop a success. SportsEngine Motion’s Point of Sale feature has made tracking and ordering inventory, creating sales, and generating revenue easier than ever. With financial reporting tools and the ability to make sales from the mobile app, utilizing Point of Sale is a no-brainer to maximize sales and profits.  

Your pro shop can become a valuable revenue stream for your youth sports organization. You can maximize sales and strengthen your organization’s financial stability by offering various products, creating an inviting shopping environment, and offering promotions.  

Remember to continuously adapt and innovate while considering customer preferences and market trends. With a well-managed pro shop, you can support your organization's goals and enhance the overall experience for athletes and their families. 

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